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УДК 628.315.1: 628.355: 676.2

Shchetinin A. I., Kostin Yu. V., Andreev E. L., Esin M. A., Malbiev B. Yu., Demyanenko E. V., Yurchenko V. A.

Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex: Solving of Wastewater Treatment Problems


Peculiarities of the wastewater treatment process of the Syktyvkar timber processing complex typical for pulp and paper industry are described. Data on studies of the problem of activated sludge swelling are presented. It is proposed to solve this problem using the aerobic selector. On the basis of simulation results the scheme of reconstruction of preaerators of inlet flows into an aeration tank is proposed; according to this scheme the wastewater mix and return activated sludge are supplied to the first tunnels of preaerators operating as a selector of bacteria. The article presents a flow chart of wastewater and sludge treatment for retechnologization of existing facilities consisting of the following stages: treatment of wastewater at fine treatment mechanical grates and aerated sand catchers; degassing of wastewater before primary sedimentation tanks; installation of belt filter presses for treatment of excess activated sludge; installation of equipment for additional dewatering of primary sludge and excess activated sludge up to 50% of moisture content; disinfection of wastewater.

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