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UDC 628.161.3

Alekseev S. E., Alekseeva L. P., Kourova L. V.

Evaluation of the efficiency of different chemicals in removing iron and organics from underground water


The composition and quality of underground waters in different regions of Russia substantially differ. Most underground waters contain elevated iron concentrations. Iron from underground water that contains oxygen and high concentrations of organic substances (humic and fulvic acids) that cause the water color is most difficult to remove. Besides, in oil producing regions underground waters occur that contain pollutants of anthropogenic origin: oil products, phenols, amines etc. In the process of such water purification integrated methods shall be used to provide for eliminating organic and non-organic pollution. The results of the studies of removing iron complex organic compounds from underground water in the Nefteyugansk region by different chemical methods: oxidation, alkalization and coagulation are considered. The impact of the conditions of using chemicals on the underground water purification efficiency was determined. It was shown that in removing complex iron compounds from water strong oxidizing agents and alkalizing chemicals could be used. To eliminate humic substances and organic compounds of anthropogenic origin coagulating chemicals must be used.

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