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UDC 628.3:62-192

Alekseev M. I., Yermolin Yu. A.

method of sewer net segmentation and equivalenting


The design procedure of evaluating a most important index of the municipal sewer net reliability, i.e. relative amount of raw sewage spills resulting from the failure of separate sewer sections is suggested. The design procedure is using a typical characteristic of the system, i.e. its tree-type structure, and lies in the formal substitution of the sewer net for one dummy equivalent pipeline with the reliability parameters that are evaluated with the use of the known rates of failure and rehabilitation of the original (existing) sewer elements. The design procedure is simple and can be used directly by the companies that are operating municipal sewers.

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UDC 696.1

Stepanov M. A., Zakharov Iu. S.

Rehabilitation of house drainage systems with the use
of BRAWOLINER® flexible polymer liners


Replacement of house drainage systems in apartment buildings with the use traditional technologies encounters active opposition of the residents and is often eliminated. The reason lies in the necessary subsequent renovation of apartments at the owner’s cost. The use of flexible polymer liners provides for rehabilitating house drainage systems with minimum demolition works and high quality within a very short time. This requires beside the availability of process equipment and qualified personnel also shrewd planning and high-quality organizational and preparatory works with account of the specific features of each project. The factors influencing planning and cost of the works are as follows: number of apartments; number of storeys in the building; number of stand-pipes; number of offsets and abuttings; length of the drainage system (stand-pipes, abutting pipes); scope of performing works; labour costs; distance to the object; extra work to provide for the access to the pipeline; scope of plumbing work (if required).

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