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UDC 349.6:628.396


Legal and technologic principles of toxic and highly mineralized wastewater management


Federal Law «On water supply and wastewater management» in effect from the 1st of January 2013 is lacking regulatory requirements to the processes of handling toxic and highly mineralized wastewater, whereas 2.01.28-85 SNiP (Construction rules and norms) specify the regulation of landfilling industrial solid and liquid wastes listed in the inventory of branch ministries. In relation to handling toxic wastewater it is recommended to be guided by «Criteria of hazardous waste ranging to classes of hazard to natural environment» Instructional Guidelines issued by RF Ministry of Natural Resources (2003). The clause-by-clause comments to Federal Law «On water supply and wastewater management» suggest to permit disposal of liquid wastes (wastewater) of the first and second classes of hazard as well as highly mineralized wastewater into deep horizons of the earth's crust isolated from fresh underground and surface waters. The permission must be in line with Natural Resource Law.

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