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UDC 628.

Ulchenko V. M., Tregub Yu. A., Vilkova E. Kh., Ostroushko Yu. V.

Experience in Operation of Ecopolymer Drainage-Distribution Systems at the WesternFiltration Station Luganskvoda


Results of the operation of Ecopolymerdrainage-distribution systems in rapid filters of water treatment facilities are presented. In the course of operation of filters with media, small sand fractions are concentrated gradually in the upper layer leading to rapid reduction in filtration rate in the beginning of a filtration cycle. After the upper layer of filtration material has been removed the main process operational parameters became normal. It is shown that the necessity of removing the upper layer of filtration material can be evaluated according to the character of the curve of fluctuations of a maximum filtration rate. The filter material preparation technique for filters with water washing equipped with the Ecopolymer drainage-distribution systems is given. The research shows that they ensure a high evenness of washing and filtrate collection along the whole filter surface without any supporting layers, and their operation characteristics are higher than of fissure drainage that makes it possible to use sand of required granulometric composition.

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