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UDC 696.1

Stepanov M. A., Zakharov Iu. S.

Rehabilitation of house drainage systems with the use
of BRAWOLINER® flexible polymer liners


Replacement of house drainage systems in apartment buildings with the use traditional technologies encounters active opposition of the residents and is often eliminated. The reason lies in the necessary subsequent renovation of apartments at the owner’s cost. The use of flexible polymer liners provides for rehabilitating house drainage systems with minimum demolition works and high quality within a very short time. This requires beside the availability of process equipment and qualified personnel also shrewd planning and high-quality organizational and preparatory works with account of the specific features of each project. The factors influencing planning and cost of the works are as follows: number of apartments; number of storeys in the building; number of stand-pipes; number of offsets and abuttings; length of the drainage system (stand-pipes, abutting pipes); scope of performing works; labour costs; distance to the object; extra work to provide for the access to the pipeline; scope of plumbing work (if required).

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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.04.09
UDC 628.147.2+628.247

Kel’ Roman

Stages of development of repair methods for water distribution
and sewer networks


The construction of water distribution and sewer networks in Novokuznetsk was carried out in 1950–1970 with the rapid development of the industrial city. Today Vodokanal LLC is the main provider of cold water supply and wastewater disposal services to the population and industries in Novokuznetsk. In the 1990s, the conditions of the networks and the economic situation in the country required the search for advanced time-effective construction and repair technologies at minimum use of resources and finance for the most efficient performance of work. Today, the attitude of the enterprise for search for technically new, while also cost-effective, methods of repairing water distribution and sewer networks allow providing consumers with high-quality drinking water as one of the factors of sanitary and epidemiological well-being, improving the efficiency, reliability and quality of operations of the municipal drinking water supply and wastewater disposal facilities.

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