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UDC 628.356

Kharkina O. V.

Problems of designing biological treatment facilities with nitrogen and phosphorus removal


Ensuring the quality of effluent to the level of the most stringent regulatory requirements including the maximum permissible concentrations for fishery water bodies is the responsibility not only of engineering companies providing for professionally executed design solutions but also of the customers responsible for correctly compiled technical tasks, professional choice of effective technical and commercial proposals, competent operation of wastewater treatment facilities. The experience of operating wastewater treatment plants using nitrogen and phosphorus removal technologies makes it possible to assert that in this case a professional approach to the selection of contractors and operation on the part of the customers and to the design on the part of the contractors ensures the required quality of effluent. The problems arising at the design stage of wastewater treatment facilities and the choice of technical and commercial proposals are considered. Recommendations for their solution are given. The article is intended both for the process engineers of engineering companies and for the customers of projects who find it difficult to correctly choose the most effective design solution from a large number of proposed technical and commercial proposals.

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