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UDC 628.543.1

Kofman V. Ya.

Treatment of municipal solid waste landfill leachate


A review of the international sources of information on the treatment of municipal solid waste landfill leachate is presented. The leachate of municipal solid waste landfill is a type of wastewater characterized by small variable volume and complicated chemical composition. The technologies of leachate collection and treatment overseas have been continuously improved. The processing schemes are, as a rule, combinations of biological, physical, chemical, and membrane processes. The most perspective in this field are SBR-reactors, membrane bioreactors, reverse osmosis units and ozonation systems. Leachate recycling and combined treatment with municipal wastewater, traditional aerobic and anaerobic processes, sedimentation lagoons and phytoremediation are also used. The process flow schemes include the processes of coagulation, flotation, chemical precipitation and adsorption.

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