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PANKOVA G. A., Klementyev M. N.

The experience of operating sewer tunnels in St. Petersburg


A short description of the sewer tunnels in St. Petersburg, their building conditions, operation and maintenance, safety arrangements during inspection is presented. A portable, mobile diagnostic unit for the inspection of the underwater space of the tunnel has been designed. The measuring part of the unit comprises ult­rasonic sensors for underwater space scanning, TV camera with zooming and rotation in different direction, and recorders of the wastewater chemical composition. Scanning the underwater part of the tunnel provides for the information on defects and dama­ges of the tunnel trough and lining, level of silting. Basing on the inspection results the causes of the tunnel and in-line structures failures are determined. In parallel with the tunnel inspections the experts of the St. Petersburg University of Architecture and Civil Engineering carried out an analysis of the hydraulic control of the inspected sections of the tunnels. The results of the inspection and hydraulic control analysis provided the basis for the development of priorities, tunnel repair and rehabilitation activities; allowed improving the integrity of the municipal wastewater disposal system. A short description of the solution of the problem of cleaning the polluted emissions from the sewer and tunnels alongside with the references of the gas cleaning system are presented.

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