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UDC 628.112.23:628.147.22

Karmalov A. I., Filimonova S. V.

Analysis of Сauses of Colmatage and Corrosion of Water-Intake Well Equipment under Conditions of Increased Anthropogenic Load


In the course of operation of water intakes from underground sources the problems associated with the processes of fouling and corrosion of the metal equipment of artesian wells inevitably increase. The intensity of deposit formation and corrosion development on the well equipment depends on the well output, the chemical composition of ground water, the presence of methane-producing and other bacteria generating an extremely active corrosion medium. Monitoring of the chemical composition and microbiological analysis of ground water make it possible to identify the causes of colmatage and corrosion of metal-containing elements of the wells under the conditions of the increased anthropogenic load, which further facilitates the selection of methods of struggle against these phenomena.

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UDC 628.21/.25

Perminov N. A., Vasilyev V. M., Stolbikhin Iu. V., Perminov A. N., Klementyev M. N.

Geotechnical and technological aspects of ensuring the safety of tunnel sewers under the conditions of loose ground of Saint-Petersburg


Intensive development of metropolitan cities calls for the sustainable operation of the municipal underground infrastructure facilities. Special protection is needed for tunnel sewers of long-term serviceability. Both external and internal factors can influence accidents on sewers. Among the causes of sewer deterioration the following can be identified: sewer trough wear, physical and mechanical structural damages caused by external factors and impact of chemically aggressive wastewater. However, corrosion processes in sewers pose the key problem. The main specific feature of the big sewer operation is the process of microbiological (gas) corrosion of concrete and fittings as well as the technical equipment of the shafts. The defect symptoms are presented together with the new methods of tunnel sewer diagnostics based on the sophisticated materials of their operation under the conditions of loose ground and intensive man-induced impact. The geotechnological methods of protecting tunnel sewers of long-term serviceability have been developed. The unrivalled experience of using these methods at the St. Petersburg facilities with monitoring support is presented. The system of sewer testing has been developed; the basic methods of protection against deterioration have been presented. The most widely used methods of tunnel sewer protection in Saint-Petersburg are so called passive. They are based on the advanced choice of corrosion-proof materials in direct contact with corrosive media. The importance of combined geotechnical and internal monitoring of tunnel sewers is shown.

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UDC 628.24:620.197:620.193.8

Primin O. G., Ten A. E., Gromov G. N.

Protection of sewers from corrosion


Accidents on sewers accompanied by the destruction of building structures have been a most serious problem not only for the water industry but also for the entire city. In the world the damage from the deterioration of reinforced concrete sewer tunnels and in-line structures due to corrosion is estimated at billions of euros per year. A way out of the current situation with corrosion in sewers can be timely and prompt repair and rehabilitation using protective coatings applied by trenchless methods. One of the methods of sewer rehabilitation is lining the internal walls of the sewers with plate composite materials (blocks) or continuous protective coatings where polymer concrete can be used. Polymer concrete comprises a thermosetting organic binder (usually epoxy resin) and a large amount of dispersed filler (talc, aerosil, crushed quartz, basalt, granite chips, etc.). The special composition of filler materials and advanced production technologies ensures the high qualities of polymer concrete. An assessment of the technical and economic indicators of the reconstruction of existing sewers and canals using polymer concrete blocks is given. Through a realistic example it is shown that the most effective option of the reconstruction of a sewer canal while ensuring environmental safety is lining with polymer concrete blocks (segments).

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DOI 10/35776/MNP.2019.09.06
UDC 628.14:620.193

Andrianov A. P., Tchoukhin V. A.

Identification of corrosion of galvanized pipes in the water supply system


The data on the research and application of a new method for identifying corrosion of house water plumbing made of galvanized steel pipes are presented. The method can be used for regular monitoring of the technical condition of cold and hot water supply systems made of galvanized steel pipes in residential, public and industrial buildings. The method is based on determining corrosion products of pipelines and equipment, zinc and copper in particular, on a test biscuit. The technical result of the proposed solution is the possibility of its application directly from the start of the operation of the water supply system as well as reducing the time to identify the occurrence of corrosion of pipelines and equipment during long-term operation.

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UDC 628.247:620.193

Mironchik G. M., Kelmi V. A., Derbenev S. Yu.

Sewer concrete and reinforced concrete structure failure under the impact of corrosive environment


The factors causing gas corrosion of sewer reinforced concrete structures are considered. The equipment for on-line monitoring of corrosion processes at the facilities operating in a corrosive environment is suggested. The experience of installing and operating the equipment under the real operation conditions is analyzed. Including the provisions on mandatory monitoring corrosion processes at the facilities into the relative regulatory documents will ensure receiving on-line reliable data on the condition of the facilities; making adequate decisions on countermeasures; improving the operational safety and saving repair costs.

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