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UDC 628.144:006.015.7

Bivalkevich A. I., Davydov A. B.

Optimization of water supply and distribution in the municipal water supply system


The integrity of the water distribution system of any city or community has been one of the main factors that provide for the reliability of the entire water supply system. When developing projects for the upgrade of water supply and distribution systems an actual state of movement of water flows in pipelines with steady losses should be obtained. Based on this data the water head in areas with low geodetic marks can be adjusted by installing network pressure regulators. Their use allows increasing the efficiency and integrity of the water supply system by reducing the failure rate in the areas of low and stabilized pressure as well as by reducing the static and dynamic load on the pipelines. The degree of reliability of the water supply and distribution system depends not only on the optimality of the decisions made at the design and construction stages but also on the set of measures for the operation of the facilities. Reduction of operating costs is achieved by optimizing operating modes and maintaining the technical and energy parameters of the structures that change with wear, aging, reducing the throughput capacity of the water supply and distribution system.

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