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UDC 628.24

PANKOVA G. A., Klementyev M. N.

Mobile diagnostic package for the inspection of tunnel sewers


To maintain the wastewater disposal systems in proper working order and prevent from emergency situations regular inspections of tunnel sewers shall be carried out. For safety considerations technical inspections are usually carried out at night when the tunnel fill is minimal. However, there are sections that are difficult to inspect because of almost complete fill and impossibility of their temporary cutoff. It is impossible to guarantee detecting all the defects in the tunnel submersed section inspected. This predetermined the necessity of the systematic approach to efficient and comprehensive monitoring of the technical state of tunnel sewers; to the development and introduction of an automated system with the use of advanced hardware environment, numerical procedures and information systems. The mobile diagnostic package for the inspection of tunnel sewers developed by the experts of St. Petersburg Vodokanal is described. The presented equipment provides for obtaining reliable information on the state of both the above-water and submersed parts of the sewers. Inspection is carried out without cutting off sewers; at that the presence of workers in the tunnel is not necessary. The equipment is installed on the truck chassis. The mobile diagnostic package provides for building up the data base of the tunnel sewer state; determining maintenance and repair priorities.

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