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UDC 628.35:661.5

Esin M. A., Smirnov Aleksandr Vladimirovich

Advanced methods of designing biological treatment facilities


The data of the analytical reviews and practical results of calculating and designing advanced wastewater treatment facilities are presented. The analysis of the methods of designing biological wastewater treatment facilities (construction rules and regulations SNiP, ATV) and the software for mathematical simulation of the facilities operation («EcoSim», GPS-X etc.) is made together with the hydrodynamic continuum mechanics software as applied to calculating the flow conditions at the treatment facilities. The mathematical model of biological wastewater treatment process is based on the analysis of the relationships of enzyme kinetics of the wastewater pollutant transformation and makes a connection between the parameters of the raw waste and effluent, dissolved oxygen concentration and activated sludge. The principles of designing and calculating the facilities for biological treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater including the use of nitri-denitrification and biological phosphorus removal processes have been developed. The practical experience of using the mentioned methods in front end and design works.

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