DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.02.01
UDC 628.16.081:542.943-92

Selyukov A. V., Rakhimov V. V.

Reconstruction of the ground water treatment plant
in Noyabrsk (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug)


The main results of technological surveys that form the basis for the project of reconstruction of the ground water treatment plant in Noyabrsk (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) are presented. The plant was built according to the project of DAR/VODGEO CJSC (Moscow) and commissioned in September 2006. The plant uses a new technology that provides for the sequential treatment of water with two oxidizing agents – hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate to remove iron and manganese compounds. The project shortcomings and incomplete implementation of design solutions complicate the regular operation of the plant and make it difficult to ensure the standard quality of drinking water. It was stated that ground water contained hydrogen sulfide in concentrations up to 0.1 mg/dm3, which required extra consumption of chemicals. Manual dosing of chemicals causes significant deviations from the required doses: from –14.5 to +19.1% for hydrogen peroxide and from –8.5 to +9.1% for potassium permanganate. It is pointed out that crude products of potassium permanganate produced by the P. R. China used as a chemical agent in drinking water supply, pose a threat of increased toxicity of drinking water. The determined value of the Langelier index (index of saturation with calcium carbonate) of ground water (–2.35 units) allowed to conclude that stabilization treatment by alkalization is required. The performed test water treatment with hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate in combination with alkalization showed that this process provided for achieving the residual concentrations of manganese < 0.1 mg/dm3 and total iron 0.1–0.15 mg/dm3 in the absence of residual hydrogen sulfide. However, to produce water of constant standard quality, high accuracy of chemical dosing is required that can only be provided by completely automated dosing. The project of upgrading the ground water treatment plant in Noyabrsk designed on the basis of technological research, allows to resolve the existing problems and ensure the standard quality of drinking water.

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