DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.11.06
UDC 628.24:69.059

Perminov N. A., Klementyev M. N., Perminov A. N., PANKOVA G. A.

Analysis of maintenance geotechnologies and monitoring
of sewer tunnels in complicated geotechnical engineering conditions


A comprehensive approach to the selection of geotechnologies for the reconstruction of long sections of sewer tunnels in complicated ground conditions, under technogenic impact and continuous transportation of effluents is described. Based on the analysis of operating long-running sewer tunnels, as well as the results of an instrumental examination of their technical condition, the main factors of technogenic and natural origin that reduce their design safety and sustainable operation of the most loaded sections of the system of sewer tunnels are described. The lack of data on this issue in the regulatory framework and technical literature is noted. The advantages and disadvantages of the applied technologies of sewer tunnel rehabilitation are given. Recommendations and requirements to the rehabilitation of tunnels are proposed depending on the ground conditions, wear rate, section length, dynamics of wastewater transportation.

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