DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.10.08
UDC 628.356.1:621.61

Iadrishchenskii A. N., Filippova N. N., Bulygin K. A., Kolobova G. I., Gordeichik A. V., Usachev A. P.

Reconstruction of the air blower station at the wastewater treatment facilities in Chita


The results of the reconstruction of the wastewater treatment facilities in the city of Chita are presented with regard to the system of supplying air to the operating sections of the aeration tanks without replacing the air blower units. The main goal of the reconstruction was energy saving and automation of air supply to the aeration tanks while ensuring sufficient oxygen concentrations in the wastewater biological treatment facilities. To change the capacity of the air blowers the automation system includes two high-voltage frequency converters for the number of blowers in operation. To regulate the air supply eight regulated valves and eight dissolved oxygen sensors (for the number of operating sections) are installed in the sections of the aeration tanks. Energy savings over four months of operation amounted to about 16.4% compared to the same period of previous years.

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