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UDC 621.644:621.643.2-034.13

Prodous O. A., Dzhanbekov B. A.

Pipes with polyurethane coating for the construction of the Teberda group water main


The problem of drinking water deficiency in the southern regions of Russia (at the North Caucasus) can be solved by the construction of a large-diameter and long water main for water transportation from the artesian sources located in the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic. The analysis of the advanced efficient durable polymer materials for pressure pipelines having the high hydraulic potential and operating in the zone of extreme seismicity was carried out. The economic efficiency of using ductile iron pipes with polyurethane inner coating in the construction of the Teberda group large-diameter water main is shown. The specific head losses along the length of a 500 mm water main are cited that are 2.5 times less than the specific head losses in pressure polyethylene pipes of the same diameter.

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