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UDC 628.35:661.635

Ambrosova G. T., Funk A. A., Ivanova Sargylana Dmitrievna, Ganzorig Shonkhor

Comparative evaluation of the methods of phosphorus removal from wastewater


The evaluation of the methods of eliminating phosphorus, a most important nutrient that is a limiting element in water body eutrophication, from wastewater is presented. Biological, physical, chemical and combined methods are considered that differ from each other in the method of implementation, construction and operating expenditures. The biological method is based on phosphorus removal through its utilization in biomass synthesis in the biological system. Physical and chemical methods suppose mandatory application of chemicals used for free phosphate-ion binding to low soluble ortho-phosphate. Combined methods suppose dephosphorization at the biological treatment stage with subsequent inclusion of phosphate-ions into crystals at the physical and chemical treatment stage. The examples of practical implementation of the methods are presented; process flow schemes are considered; the process parameters of the treatment facilities are pointed out where the process of phosphorus removal is taking place; the data on the process efficiency is provided; the advantages and drawbacks of the applied methods are reported. The experience of adjustment works is described together with the results of experimental selection of chemicals for phosphorus binding and determination of the optimal point of their addition carried out by the authors in the laboratory, during pilot and full-scale studies.

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