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UDC 628.112.2

ALEKSEEV V. S., Martintsov S. M.

On the evaluation of the life cycle of the wells operating at the existing water intakes


Life cycle or useful life expectancy of fixed assets including water abstraction wells is regulated by RF Government Decree No. 1 of 2002. For water abstraction wells the life cycle is 15–20 years. Besides, the requirements to the life cycle in the environmental management system are formulated in the system of RF state standards authentical to ISO 14000. On the basis of the experience of operating underground water intake facilities is shown that reaching the design operating life is possible only on the condition of complying with the requirements to the selection of well filters and gravel packages for water abstraction mode that minimize the hydraulic losses in the near-filter zones. The guidelines for meeting these requirements have been formulated. At the stage of hydrogeological survey of the underground water resources assessment is suggested to make predictions of the water corrosiveness and the ability to release clogging compounds and biological colmatage.

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