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FESENKO L. N., Ignatenko S. I., Pchel'nikov I. V., Fedotov R. V., Tcherkesov A. Yu.

Technological and design solutions of upgrading the Don River water treatment facilities (the case of water treatment facilities of Khapry farm,  Miasnikovskii district, Rostov Region)


The Don River water is used as a source of the public water supply of Rostov-on-Don, Taganrog, Novocherkassk and other cities. From January till April (during the winter freeze-up) the river water is characterized by increased total hardness (up to 10–12°) as well as by the presence of blue-green and diatom algae in concentrations reaching 100·106 c/l water in summer periods. Mechanical sieve filtration is an advanced technique of microalgae removal. Filters are installed as a rule at the very beginning of the technological process and are designed for removing coarse suspended particles, phyto- and zooplankton. Advanced microfilters are characterized by simple design, high output, compact size and low consumption of wash water; their ope­ration is automated. In view of the high cost of ion exchange and membrane technologies and accompanying generation of considerable amounts of secondary difficult to utilize highly mineralized waste solutions the technology of hardness reduction by caustic soda softening was suggested. The expediency and efficiency of applying this method were experimentally confirmed. In case of the water treatment facilities of Khapry farm in the Rostov Region with the water intake in the lower reach of the Don River the process flow scheme of upgrading the water treatment plant providing for the water quality meeting the Sanitary Rules and Regulations was substantiated and developed. The use of this technology eliminates ge­neration of liquid wastes subject to the discharge into the public sewer, natural water bodies or land disposal.

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