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UDC 504.064

Strelkov A. K., Teplykh S. Yu., Gorshkalev P. A., Sargsyan A. M.

Surface runoff pollution of water bodies


The results of studying the water of the Kondurcha River in the Samara Area and surface runoff from one of the railway stations are presented. The comparative analysis of the results of studying water samples from the water body in the monitoring section is given. The prediction of water quality changes in the water body for the next several years in relation to the following pollutants: BODfull, suspended solids, oil products and total iron is presen­ted. The trend of the growing negative impact of polluted surface runoff from the surroundings of railway objects on water sources persists owing to the growth of cargo tonnage; the concentrations of pollutants in the water bodies are increasing.

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