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UDC 628.1/2:65.014.1

Meshengisser Yu. M., Serba E. V., Raiber B. I., Glinskii I. A.

Introduction of integrated project management system (engineering, construction, equipment supply, commissioning)


The concept of project management acknowledged by «My Project» JSC is considered. The adopted project management structures are described alongside with the achievements within the frames of the presented introduction. For the implementation of «turn-key» projects the Company is using the matrix management system as well as such tools as MS Project, electronic document management system. The introduced matrix structure of project management presents a combination of two types of separation: by functions and by project. The main advantages of introducing the matrix management system into the structure of «My Project» engineering company are shown. Owing to the system of project management the experts of the Company can implement simultaneously several «turn-key» projects with guaranteed results with financial responsibility.

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