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UDC 628.356.1

Meshengisser Yu. M.

The past and future of the domestic aerator engineering (on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the first RF Patent «Tube aerator»)


The stages of development of the domestic production and use of aeration systems in wastewater treatment – from traditional perforated pipes to high efficient aeration systems are described. The drawbacks and advantages of aerators, their applicability under certain conditions are designated. In the years ahead the development of  not just aerators is planned but of aeration systems that include the entire equipment set for saturating water with oxygen: regulated air blowers, delivering and distributing pipelines with shutoff and control valves, comprehensive automated air supply control systems, aerators, systems of quick-detachable fittings and other elements that provide for optimal supplying air to the aeration tanks and if necessary for easily changing the system configuration in the process of retechnologisation of the treatment facilities.

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