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Esin M. A., Smirnov Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Sokolov A. N.

Commissioning – the key stage of putting treatment facilities into operation


The issues related to the commissioning of the equipment and wastewater treatment facilities are considered. A brief review of the history of commissioning the facilities in the Soviet Union and in present day Russia is given. The problem areas of adjusting every equipment assembly, the algorithm of work performance and the required results are shown. The attainment of sustainable performance is provided by quality and skilled commissioning. Correct visual evaluation of the equipment state carried out during the acceptance for commissioning procedure is very important. Nonobserved defects and faults in the process line will cause fast assembly fail which can result in an accident. The principles of «My Project» Company activities related to commissioning are presented. Special attention is paid to adjusting biological treatment in aeration tanks: from the front end engineering to the routine maintenance of the assembly.

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