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Streltsov S. A., Belov N. A. , Klimova L. A., Pshenko N. L.

Reconstruction of the Novo-Kur’ianovo wastewater treatment facilities


The Kur’ianovo wastewater treatment facilities are the European biggest municipal wastewater treatment complex. Being an advanced project for its time (1970-ies) by the XXI century the Kur’ianovo wastewater treatment facilities turned to be obsolescent and needed upgrading. In 2010 the project of upgrading the first and second blocks of the Novo-Kur’ianovo wastewater treatment facilities was launched. The specific features of the design solutions of recovering the capacity of the engineering structures of buildings and facilities of the wastewater treatment plant, of retrofitting nutrients removal process are considered alongside with the aspects of reducing malodorous emissions from the open surfaces of the facilities. Special attention in the project is paid to the selection of process equipment – advanced sludge scrapers, sludge pumps, turboblowers and aeration systems were installed. For the first time floating covers of the primary settling tanks were applied.

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