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Shishov S. Yu., Ivanov Vlad. Mikh., Bychkov D. A., Nezamaev E. A.

Hydraulic model for monitoring and control of the Tumen public water supply operation


Geographic information technologies allow facilitating significantly the task of operating the public water supply of an urban. In Tumen designing a hydraulic model of the water distribution network operation on the basis of «Zulu» program-design package has been carried out since 2006. The system is aiming at improving the quality, reliability and energy efficiency of the water supply and distribution operation. At the initial stage an integrated design scheme of the major water mains was developed. This hydraulic model provided for developing and implementing a number of important measures for the optimization of the water distribution network operation mode in Tumen. To improve the accuracy the model was further detalized by adding pipelines to every customer into the design scheme. At the same time pipeline certification started with recording results in the geographic information system. Calibration of the detailed hydraulic model was carried out on the basis of the information obtained from 530 pressure gauges installed at the residential service connections. The carried out calculations were noted for high accuracy (to 0.3 atm deviation). With the help of the detailed hydraulic model the following tasks are being accomplished in «Tumen Vodokanal» LLC: changing the operation modes of the pumping stations, planning water mains outage, determining technical possibility of connecting new objects. Basing on the calculations in 2011 a project of installing 24 pressure control valves in the water distribution network was implemented. The geographic information system is noted for the function of using map layers of tile-servers in Internet, as well as for possible data storage and failure analysis. The information obtained in the process of using the detailed hydraulic model is widely used by the distribution network operating service of «Tumen Vodokanal» LLC for the team task description and determining gate valve closure pattern.

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