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UDC 628.144.22

Riffel E. V., Shishov S. Yu., Tchernyayev D. D., Rodin N. V., Bychkov D. A.

Developing and implementing measures on pressure normalization in the water supply system of Tyumen city


The experience of introducing pressure regulators in the water distribution network of Tyumen city is presented. The procedure of designing the network operation parameters basing on hydraulic simulation with the use of advanced software is set. The possible efficient long-term use of pressure regulators under subzero weather conditions typical for Siberia is shown. The practical experience of the equipment installation and adjustment is laid out; the specific features of the equipment operation are considered. Based on the pipeline failure number the analysis of the efficiency of the measures on the free head normalization in the network is carried out. The installation of pressure regulators in the Tyumen water distribution network resulted in the failure rate reduction and power saving at the pumping stations.

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