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Kostyuchenko S. V., Khrenov K. E., Khramenkov S. V., Streltsov S. A., Filatov N. N., Kvalvasser A. I., Koudryavtsev N. N., Volkov S. V.

The construction of the world biggest effluent disinfection facilities at the Kouryanovo wastewater treatment plant in Moscow


The drivers for choosing UV-radiation as a basic technology of effluent disinfection at the Kouryanovo and Lyubertsy wastewater treatment facilities are presented. The proven experience of UV-disinfection plant operating at the second line of the Novo-Lyubertsy wastewater treatment facilities gave rise to the next stage of introducing the given disinfection method at the Kouryanovo wastewater treatment facilities. In the course of designing it was decided to retrofit UV-disinfection plant into the existing elevation layout of the treatment facilities by using open-channel UV-plants with vertical lamp position. The specific features of the treatment facilities operation and the condition of the discharge canal also took into account.

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