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UDC 628.356:661.5

KOZLOV M. N., Nikolaev Yu. A., GRACHEV V. A., Kharkina O. V., Dorofeev A. G.

Nitrification in the Course of Tertiary Treatment of Treated Wastewater with Floating Media


For complete oxidation of ammonium nitrogen at a wastewater aftertreatment stage it is proposed to use a bioreactor with floating media containing nitrifying microorganisms. Tests of the technology have been conducted with treated wastewater at the Kurianovskiye treatment facilities using the laboratory bioreactor with floating plastic media (60% by volume). After achievement of stable conditions of the bioreactor’s operation the technology proposed has ensured the reduction of ammonium nitrogen concentration by 4,8 mg/l at the average. Reasons for the reduction of efficiency of the bioreactor’s operation and appearance of nitrite-ions in the treated water when changing the technological conditions are presented.

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