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Bogomolov M. V., Dudchenko T. O., Pakhomov A. N., Streltsov S. A., Khamidov M. G., Belov N. A.

Improvement of Operational Reliability of Wastewater Disposal System of Moscow


The reliable and efficient operation of the wastewater disposal system of Moscow is one of the most important components of sanitary and ecological well-being of the city. Under the conditions of water saving and an annual reduction in volumes of water consumption and wastewater disposal the priority directions of development of the wastewater disposal system are improvement of water treatment quality and reliability of networks and facilities operation. With that end in view the Moscow State Unitary Enterprise Mosvodokanal (MSUE) introduces new methods of renovation of sewerage networks using widely up-to-date computer technologies and geoinformation systems, carries out the reconstruction of water treatment facilities. This complex of measures makes it possible to reduce considerably the risk of emergency situations.

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