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Pakhomov A. N., Streltsov S. A., Belov N. A. , Mukhin V. A., Kouryatnikov A. A.

Upgrading primary settler


Upgrading 54 m diameter primary settler at the Kouryanovo wastewater treatment facilities in Moscow with the installation of a newly designed IL-54 sludge scraper is discussed. The specifications and advantages of the new design of the sludge scraper are described. Industrial tests of the sludge scraper complete with a floating covering section on the primary settler at the Novo-Kouryanovo wastewater treatment facilities showed high process efficiency and operating reliability. As part of the integrated program of the Novo-Kouryanovo wastewater treatment facilities upgrade it was decided to equip all the 54 m diameter settlers with IL-54 sludge scrapers and floating coverings.

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