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Shchetinin A. I., Kolesnik Yu. V., Ulchenko V. M., Kostin Yu. V., Esin M. A., Agafonkin V. V., Tomilov S. M., Maznyak Z. A.

Wastewater Treatment at Meat-Processing Enterprises


Issues of the wastewater treatment at meat-processing enterprises are described. The plan of the Konkordiya Ltd.’s wastewater treatment has been developed. For preliminary treatment, local treatment facilities which include a drum grate with an inclined dewatering screw, equalizing tank and physicochemical treatment unit on the basis of a reagent pressure flotation plant have been dsigned and constructed. Household sewage is supplied to an inlet distribution chamber, then to interlocked fine treatment grates and aerated horizontal sand-grease catchers. The mixture of household sewage treated mechanically and industrial wastewater treated locally is supplied to aeration tanks for biological treatment with removal of biogenic elements and then for aftertreatment and disinfection. Dewatering of all types of sludge is carried out at Ecopolymer belt filter-presses using flocculants. Commissioning of local and wastewater biological treatment facilities as well as equipment for dewatering of sludge at belt filter-presses has been executed. The high wastewater treatment quality and sludge dewatering level have been achieved.

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