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UDC 628.336.515:621.311

Khrenov K. E., Khramenkov S. V., Pakhomov A. N., Streltsov S. A., Khamidov M. G., Belov N. A.

Utilization of Biogas and Creation of Autonomous Sources of Power Supply at Treatment Facilities


The process of methane fermentation of sludge generated in the course of wastewater treatment is used at sewerage treatment facilities of the MSUE Mosvodokanal. The complex reconstruction of heated digestion tanks is carried out since1998; as a result of it the output of biogas has been increased by 1,7 times – up to 250 000 m3/day. To rise the efficiency of using the biogas and reliability of power supply it was decided to construct two mini-heat electric power stations of 10 MWt capacity each. An investor, the Austrian concern EVN, has been selected on the competition base. The mini-heat electric power station at the Kuryanovo treatment facilities was put into operation in January 2009. This mini-HEPS ensures 50% of need in electric energy and 30% in heat energy. This project became one of the largest in the field of alternative power engineering and the first power station in Russia operating on biogas.

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