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UDC 628.33:62-278

KOZLOV M. N., Nikolaev Yu. A., Khramenkov S. V., Kharkina O. V.

Perspectives of Introduction of Membrane Technique at Treatment Facilities of Moscow


Studies of the membrane technique of treatment of low-concentrated municipal wastewater at a pilot unit of up to 5 m3/day capacity have been carried out. As a result, high quality of treated water concerning suspended particles and biogenic elements has been obtained, resistance to volley entries of industrial wastewater and high efficiency of water disinfection have been reached. Results of pilot tests have made it possible to appreciate the membrane biotechnologies as perspective for realization at Moscow treatment facilities. Advantages of the technology with the use of membrane bioreactors: considerable reduction in volumes of facilities and spaces occupied by them owing to the high concentration of activated sludge, possibility of a higher load per a volume unit and also significant decrease in quantity of excessive activated sludge. Membrane bioreactor technologies are one of the perspectives of development of treatment facilities under the conditions of limited areas.

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