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Ivankova T. V.

The current state of water supply in the Republic of Crimea
and possible additional water sources


The state of water availability of the Crimea peninsula in the period 2014–2017 is considered; the water consumption of the population is analyzed. The main problems with the supply of high-quality drinking water to the population are associated with the unsustainable use of water resources, poor water quality in rivers, surface water bodies, discharge of raw or insufficiently treated wastewater, wasteful flow and significant water losses in the water supply system. In 2017, the total water abstraction in the Republic of Crimea amounted to 301.33 million m3: from surface sources – 177.67 million m3, underground – 123.66 million m3. Water supply of cities and rural settlements is provided from surface (water reservoirs) and underground (artesian wells, groundwater intake structures) sources. The consumption of fresh water was 267.67 million m3, the losses during transportation – 12.3 million m3 (4.7%). The most unfavorable regions in terms of sanitary and chemical indicators of drinking water are: the cities of Krasnokopsk, Armiansk, Evpatoria, Dzhankoy, as well as Krasnoperekopsky, Pervomaisky, Leninsky and Saki districts. Methods of supplying fresh water used in arid countries (Israel and UAE) are considered. For the water supply of the Crimean peninsula a set of measures is proposed: step-by-step reconstruction of the water management complex; upgrade and additional construction of local drinking water treatment facilities; replacement of outdated water distribution networks; reconstruction of the existing water reservoirs and the construction of additional bulk reservoirs, storage ponds on the local flow; the introduction of water-saving technologies in industry, utilities and agriculture; the use of drip irrigation systems in agriculture; the use of brackish underground sources; desalination of sea water; promotion of water conservation.

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