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UDC 628.179.2


Recycled water systems in industrial water supply schemes


Water and energy conservation is one of the conditions of the successful operation of an industrial enterprise. Water balance developed with an account of the actual water and wastewater metering is a basis of ensuring the sustainable water use. The analysis of the water balance provides for reducing total discharge and water consumption in the production processes by establishing local process and cooling recycled water systems for separate workshops and installations. In this respect recovering recyclable material or commercial product from sludge and wastes is possible. In case secondary product recovering is not possible or economically impracticable the wastes are transferred to special utilities for utilization. The operability of the water recycling cooling systems can be restored by upgrading with the use of prefabricated small-scale cooling towers. Small-scale prefabricated cooling towers provide for recovering 115 thousand kcal/h of heat from 1 m2 irrigated area. The examples of improving water supply and drainage systems of a number of industrial enterprises are given. An algorithm of improving industrial water supply and drainage systems is presented. Herewith one of the tasks is training of qualified personnel capable of addressing environmental security issues in combination with providing for the sustainable water supply of the industrial enterprise.

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UDC 621.1/.2

Hyamyalyainen M. M., Malikova E. V., Rusanova E. V.

Specific features of establishing public water supply
and wastewater disposal in communities with developed housing


Public water supply and wastewater disposal systems in inhabited territories have been an important element of the social and economic development of separate regions and entire Russia. At present part of the Russian population not only in remote communities but in big cities are not provided with public water supply and wastewater disposal services. Within the frames of implementing «The scheme of water supply and wastewater disposal of Saint-Petersburg for the period up to 2025 including the prospects up to 2030» approved by St. Petersburg’s Government Resolution of December 11, 2013 No. 989 designing and constructing networks and facilities of public water supply and wastewater disposal is carried out in the territories where they are not available. The specific features in relation to performing works in the territories with developed housing are stated. Description of these specific features and solution approaches can be helpful in performing similar works in other regions of Russia.

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