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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.02.08
UDC 628.144:614.842.62:006.015.7

Primin O. G.

Optimization of the choice of diameters of the pipelines
in the water distribution network considering the fire safety


With the arrangement of combined drinking water and fire water supply systems, the importance of the distribution network increases even more, since additional functions are assigned to provide for the transportation of large amounts of water for firefighting. Meeting the firefighting requirements in conditions of a significant reduction in water consumption in most cities of Russia leads to negative consequences associated with low (0.1–0.3 m/s and less) flow rates and stagnation of water in some sections of the distribution network. Thereby, the organoleptic properties of water may deteriorate expressed in the appearance of flavors, unpleasant odors, increased turbidity and color, etc. In this regard, measures are required to optimize the choice of pipe diameters, to ensure and maintain the required quality of transported water in outdoor urban and distribution networks, and to guarantee meeting the required fire extinguishing standards. The research results and hydraulic calculations for assessing the minimum permissible water flow rates and minimum pipe diameters of submain networks are given taking into account the provision of external and internal firefighting. The tests were carried out in real conditions of the municipal water supply ring main in high- and low-pressure zones.

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