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UDC 628.35:661.5

Smirnov Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Bogatyrev M. M., Ivanova Iu. A.

Wastewater treatment facilities of Adler city


The wastewater treatment facilities in Adler (Greater Sochi Area), some of the most modern facilities in Russia were built as a part of the Olympic infrastructure. The Adler wastewater treatment facilities were designed on the basis of innovative solutions: for the first time 3-D engineering was applied; the best available techniques were taken into account; zero emission system was implemented – all the facilities are covered by airproof covers; the air from the facilities is supplied to the gas cleaning system; sludge handling includes dewatering and drying; consequently the amount of sludge is reduced and sludge is disinfected. The process scheme stipulated by the project includes primary mechanical treatment of wastewater, full biological treatment, tertiary treatment and effluent disinfection. The system of generated sludge utilization includes mechanical dewatering in centrifuges with subsequent additional drying. The design concept behind the project formulated more than 10 years ago (2008 project) determined the development path of the advanced treatment technologies and served as an example of the wastewater treatment facilities built according to the principle of the best avai­lable techniques.

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UDC 628.336.3

Drozd G. Ya., Bizirka I. I.

Commercialization of landfilled sludge


The problem of municipal and industrial wastewater sludge utilization is analyzed. The option of environmental utilization of sludge by its commercialization in building and agricultural sectors is considered. To provide for the wide use of the considered approaches the following is required: full expert consideration; development of engineering specifications for every product type; introduction of amendments and supplements into the regulatory and legal framework; development of valid mechanisms of implementing sludge utilization projects; development of ways of tax exemption of profit received from the sales of waste-derived products and receiving state aids for reducing interests on bank loans.

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