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UDC 628.17.001.4

Zrazhevsky A. P., Kosarev A. K.

Definition of Structure of Unaccounted Water Consumption by Zoning Method

The experience in investigation of the zones of controlled quantity of flow in a water supply system is considered. Major factors of unaccounted consumption and losses of water at the municipal enterprises are described. The technique of reduction of losses with the help of zoning of a distribution network is offered.

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UDC 628.173:681.121

Filatov A. I.

Swings and Roundabouts of Door-to-Door Accounting of Water Consumption


The installation of flat’s water meters in residential buildings makes it possible, other things being equal, to reduce water consumption by 1,8–2,2 times. Reduction in water consumption in building after installation of the flat’s water meters does not lead to adequate reduction of consumers expenditures for payment for water. Reduction of the consumer expenditures will be significant only at the initial stage of introduction of door-to-door accounting of water consumption.

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UDC 628.17

Abilov Fazil Adil ogly, Agarzaiev Tural Mazakhir ogly

Losses in the water supply system of Greater Baku and measures on their elimination


The population of Azerbaijan numbers more than 9.5 million people; half of the population is supplied with drinking water from the public water supply system. The water supply of Greater Baku (Baku city, Sumgait city and Apsheron) is carried out from five sources. In some communities water leakages reach 40–50%. Water losses in the distribution networks result in increases in operational expen­ses and reduction of the water network integrity. Water losses in the networks are mainly due to the following: commercial losses – illegal connections; physical losses – leakages; losses at calculations – water meter errors. The results of theoretical studies and practical measures on eliminating leakages in water distribution networks are presented. All the technical data is based on the actual information obtained from the relative water supply system maintenance departments of «Azersu» JSC.

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