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Zhadan A. V., Kasatochkin A. S., Larionov S. Iu., Panteleev A. A., Riabchikov B. E., Shilov M. M.

Testing VTI-M pilot high-rate lamella clarifier with microsand


In order to test and adjust in pilot mode the technology of enhanced water coagulation a VTI-M pilot high-rate clarifier with microsand was designed. The installation with a capacity of up to 30 m3/h is designed for the purification of surface, storm and waste water. It is constructed in such a way that the purification process can be carried out either with recycling of generated sludge or with the use of fine-grained sandy weighting material. VTI-M clarifier provides for the sustainable water quality that fully meets the requirements to the quality of water supplied to ion exchange desalination.

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