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UDC 628.33:662.2

Ponomareva O. S., Glushankova I. S., Martynova A. A.

Thermal treatment of wastewater from the production
of high-energy compounds


During production of special-purpose products in technological processes and in the synthesis of components of high-energy compounds wastewater containing pollutants in high concentrations is generated; therefore before discharging into sewer networks it shall be preliminary neutralized. The results of studies on the purification of process effluents generated in the production of components of high-energy compounds contaminated with ethanolamine, ethylene diamine, heavy metal ions (nickel and lead) are presented. The analysis of process effluent treatment methods: ozonation, two-stage purification (chemical, adsorption), thermal neutralization was carried out. As a result of thermodynamic analysis and calculation of the processes of thermal destruction of pollutants in highly concentrated effluents technical solutions have been developed and an installation for the thermal disposal of effluent followed by multi-stage flue gas cleaning has been designed. The calculation of the dispersion of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere during the operation of the installation showed that running the process in a preset mode ensured compliance with the standard sanitary and hygienic requirements.

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