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UDC 628.1/.2.001.2

Pupyrev E. I.

Selecting the technology of water treatment in the present-day economic environment


A formal approach to the evaluation of water treatment technologies that provides for comparing quality parameters, costs, reliability and availability indices is suggested. It is shown that one and the same technology being preferable at one settlement, however, is unpractical for applying somewhere else. It depends on the local economic environment, water quality, reliability requirements etc. It is possible to select the best technology for any settlement basing on local conditions. For design people the formal approach to the evaluation of the selected technology can be simplified, particularly for the cost–quality or quality–reliability ratios.

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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.05.02
UDC 628.16

Dobrynina Natal’ia, Karkanitsa Ol’ga

Control of the technological processes at the water intakes
of Novokuznetsk


In recent years, a set of measures has been implemented at the operating water intakes of the city of Novokuznetsk using advanced equipment and technologies that have provided for improving the integrity and efficiency of the water supply system. It was noted that in order to achieve maximum efficiency of the water treatment facilities, continuous improving the technology of water purification is required. The most acceptable and economical solution to this problem is carrying out research works at the technological lab of the Dragun water supply facilities. The filtration properties of materials (expanded clay, burned rocks, albitophyre, quartzite, etc.) were studied that resulted in choosing the type of filter material and determining its optimal grain particle size for loading filters at the water treatment facilities. The most effective chemicals for water purification from the local water source, the Tom River, were identified. These are aluminum oxychloride coagulant and cationic flocculants. The introduction of a comprehensive process automation system provided for the control of the technical condition of the equipment and its process parameters, as well as for the data acquisition, processing and storage.

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