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Regotun A. A., Daineko O. N., Smirnov Aleksandr Vladimirovich

Automated control of the treatment facilities on the basis of mathematical models


The applicability of the mathematical models in the control of wastewater treatment facilities in terms of the operational issues solutions is considered. A possible option of using the software package on the basis of ASM mathematical models in the control of the biological treatment plant with retrofitting into the control system of the entire wastewater treatment facilities is presented. The gene­ral principles of control system building with the integrated mathematical model of the biological treatment process are described. The comparative analysis of the popular advanced software simulation packages and the simulation software developed by My Project Company is sited. By the example of the standard aeration tank configuration the possible and easy integration of the software into practically any advanced SCADA-system is demonstrated. The contrary case is described: the use of the software in the highest level of the automated process control system of the wastewater biological treatment.

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