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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.01.02
UDC 628.1:006.3:66-926

Samburskii G. A., Ustinova O. V., Leont’eva S. V.

Specific features of standardization of chemicals
for the preparation of drinking water (through the example of polyaluminium chloride coagulant)


Coagulation process has been a widespread process technology for removing coarse suspended impurities from water, as well as colloidal organic contaminants present in dissolved form. Polyvalent metal salts are effective coagulants for the systems with aqueous disperse medium. The purpose of the work was developing a new state standard to provide for a uniform assessment of the quality of coagulants. The scope of coagulants in the process of water treatment is considered and their comparative analysis is carried out. The general requirements to the control of polyaluminium chloride quality are formulated. The developed and approved new national standard GOST R 58580-2019 «Polyaluminium chloride. Technical conditions» is presented that takes into account the requirements of sanitary legislation, technical regulation, safety of the processes of production and transportation of polyaluminium chloride.

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