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Doskina E. P., Moskvicheva A. V., Moskvicheva E. V., Игнаткина Д. О., Войтюк А. А.

Hybrid unit for tobacco industry  multicomponent wastewater treatment


The issues of purification of «Imperial Tobacco Volga» tobacco factory (Volgograd) industrial wastewater are considered. On the basis of the obtained data on the main sources and chemical composition of wastewater of the tobacco factory the experts of the «Water supply and wastewater disposal» subdepartment of the Volgograd State Technical University carried out studies. The study objective was developing a structurally simple, reliable and serviceable unit with small footprint, that will ensure high quality effluent by removing multicomponent pollutants; another objective of the studies was determining basic process parameters of the operation of the unit that will provide for the maximum treatment efficiency. The annual volume of water consumption and wastewater collection and disposal was presented; the main sources of wastewater generation and its chemical composition were determined. Process flow scheme of the local industrial wastewater treatment (from tobacco and cigarette workshops) is proposed that includes three stages: primary mechanical treatment, electrochemical treatment, sorption tertiary treatment. A unit has been designed – electrolyzer-adsorber for the purification of multicomponent wastewater of the given factory. The use of electrochemical oxidation method in combination with sorption tertiary treatment in the electrolyzer-adsorber hybrid unit under suitable conditions of wastewater treatment provides for improving the following effluent quality parameters: BODfull, COD, anionic surfactants, nitrogen compounds, chlorid-ions, to the standard requirements set to the effluent discharge into the public sewer.

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