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UDC 628.179.2

Koutcherenko D. I., Koutcherenko А. D.

Optimal control of recycling water systems


Method of recycling water system diagnostics that allows decomposing the process of deposit and incrustation agglomerate formation into subprocesses of separate component formation is suggested. The algorithm of selecting optimal directing effects for each component was developed using representative controllable heat exchangers. Tried and tested optimal control modes are transferred to system-wide equipment to minimize material resources and time consumption. With an account for the developments, the basic provisions of the complex network optimal operation theory, and the specific features of the recycling water systems the method of controlling these systems aiming at prevention of progressive deposit and incrustation formation is suggested.

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UDC 66.045.53

Merentsov N. A., Lebedev V. N., Persidskii A. V., Golovanchikov A. B., Kashirin S. E., Kashirina Iu. A.

Heat-mass-exchange packing for evaporative cooling with a developed drip irrigation mode (to be discussed)


A new heat-mass-exchange packing supporting an intensive drip flow mode for evaporative cooling of water in the water recycling systems of industrial enterprises is presented. The data of an experimental study in the field of hydrodynamics of a new cascade heat-mass-exchange packing supporting intensive drip flow mode are given. The characteristics of the packing device are given in comparison with packings that have received wide industrial application. A classification technique for processing experimental data for heat-mass-exchange packings as a criterion dependence of the modified Reynolds criterion on the hydraulic resistance coefficient is presented. The technique provides for a shot time test of packing materials for their industrial use. Heat-mass-exchange packings focused on the process of evaporative cooling of recycling water will extend over a certain range on the graph λ = f(Rem). An algorithm for calculating the main geometrical and process parameters of a small-sized sectional fan-type cooling tower with intensive drip flow modes for cooling industrial recycling water is presented. The prospect of using the developed heat-mass-exchange packings in the form of a module for disinfecting recycling water in the electric field is noted. This will ensure the constancy of the surface properties of the packing elements and the maintenance of the initial hydrodynamic characteristics, as well as will allow partial preventing the biofilm from overgrowing microorganisms of all heat exchange surfaces of the process equipment.

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