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Maksimov E. A., Vasil'ev V. I.

Treatment of mining waters generated during gold ore extraction


The technologies used for treatment of mining waters generated during extraction of nonferrous and precious metals are considered. An industrial plant was designed that combined a multiple-tray clarifier and chemical treatment of mining water; the optimal operation mode with the aim of reaching the calculated parameters for designing treatment facilities was adjusted. An experimental plant for treatment of mining water at the Kochkar mine in Chelyabinsk Area was designed and tested. Aluminium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferric sulphide are recommended for the use as chemical agents. The recommended horizontal water flow velocity in the multiple-tray clarifier is 5–6 mm/s. The duration of water clarification with these velocities is 8-9 minutes, i.e. several times less than the sedimentation period in horizontal sedimentation tanks use in the traditional treatment technology. The suggested plant with the use of multiple-tray clarifiers provides for reducing the capital expenses for the mine treatment facilities compared to the traditional process flow scheme. At that the operation expenditures are reduced by 50–60%.

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