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UDC 628.35:661.5

Nikolaev Yu. A., KAZAKOVA E. A., Kharkina O. V., Dorofeev A. G.

Nitrogen Removal from Return Flows of Sludge Treatment Facilities by Means of Nitri-Denitrification Without an Additional Source of Carbon


Results of the study of the process of simultaneous nitri-denitrification using the nitrite for removal of ammonium from the filtrate of belt thickeners of digested sludge at the Kuryanovo treatment facilities are presented. Introduction of the developed technology of biological treatment of wastewater containing ammonium nitrogen of high concentration and stripped with organic compounds readily oxidized without an additional source of organic carbon makes it possible to obtain the high efficiency of removal of nitrogen, suspended substances, COD, BOD5. Microorganisms capable to make denitrification using the organic substances not easily available that determines properties of activated sludge have been separated from activated sludge of a laboratory reactor.

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