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UDC 628.32

Meshengisser Yu. M., Kolesnik Yu. V., Ostroushchenko N. G., Konnov V. N., Radchenko V. V., Krasnoshtan S. K., Shulikov A. S.

Adoption of New Production Processes


The EcopolymerGroup in addition to products made of polymeric materials produces a wide range of equipment made of stainless and carbon steels for solution of different technological tasks of water supply and water disposal systems. Designs of equipment for wastewater and sludge treatment – check-in valves, rack fine treatment screens, belt filter-presses – are described. Main technical characteristics and advantages of the equipment manufactured are presented. Specialists of the company in cooperation with engineers of the South Korean partner have developed the design and mastered the serial production of a belt filter-press of BFS series fitting the level of the best world models.

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UDC 628.334

Shchetinin A. I., Marchenko Yu. G.

Up-To-Date Equipment and Facilities for Mechanical Treatment of Wastewater from Coarse-Disperse Admixtures


Up-to-date equipment for wastewater treatment from coarse-disperse admixtures is considered. Designs of screens are described briefly, their advantages and shortcomings are presented. Formulas for calculation of head loss on sreens are presented. Recommendations to install screens with openings not less than 5 mm are made. The comparative analysis of different methods of sand-catchers design shows that the normative time of stay in sand catchers can be extended up to 10 minutes. Literary data treatment has made it possible to obtain formulas offered as a new calculation base for determination of efficiency of horizontal and aerated sand catchers during the designing. Up-to-date equipment for sand collection and removal is considered.

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UDC 628.3.004.1

Voloshin K. I., Karabanov Yu. Z., Timofeev S. L., Berestnev S. V., Osintsev R. G., Zhunev O. G., Timofeev P. S.

Cooperation for the Benefit of Ecology


It is told about the introduction of equipment of the Scientific-Production Company ECOTONfor modernization of treatment facilities of the city of Novosibirsk: tubular aerators, the automated complex of mechanical grates with a screw conveyor and a press-compactor, sluice gates, rake grates, belt filter-presses, screw transporters. The joint project of the Scientific-Production Company ECOTONand the Municipal Unitary Enterprise Gorvodokanalof Novosibirsk is oriented on the improvement of wastewater treatment and optimal reduction of expenditures for works execution. The use of equipment of the ECOTONCo. for the purpose of modernization of sewerage treatment facilities makes it possible to solve the problems of energy and resources saving.

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