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UDC 628.312:504.064

Bykova P. G., Palagin E. D., Gridneva M. A., Pavlukhin A. A.

Surface runoff of Samara: effect of the seasonal factors


Surface runoff is still one of the main sources of pollutants discharged into water bodies. By the example of the storm sewer system of Samara urban district the detailed qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the discharged wastewater are considered. The storm sewer of Samara receives surface runoff and drainage water from the urban territory and territory of industrial enterprises, clean surface runoff, drainage flow from heat distribution networks and process effluent generated in the process of the network maintenance. The data is presented on the assessment of the seasonal variation of the effluent quality. A representative set of indicators for monitoring purposes and diagnostics of the state of the wastewater disposal system is presented. The representative diagnostic set includes the following indicators: рН, BODfull, suspended solids, dry residue, ammonium, nitrates, nitrites, copper, aluminium, oil products. The results of the studies of interaction between the raw water quality coming to the pumping filtration station of Samara and characteristics of the surface runoff discharged upstream the same water body are cited. It is shown that the water source turbidity and color are related to certain qualitative parameters of the surface runoff. The level of this interaction is estimated; calculation dependencies are proposed. The need for the further implementation of the municipal program of the storm sewer system of Samara urban district is substantiated.

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